Suffolk's Own Eisteddfod

The rules of the contest

The 2017 contest will be split into two halves, each with it's own winner (and a shared Chair!) The first round will be a poetry contest in which each contestant will have 5 minutes in which to recite a poem of their OWN creation. After an interlude the second round will be a storytelling contest in which each contestant will have 15 minutes in which to tell a story of their OWN creation ~ though this can include traditional tales, myths etc. on which they have put their own personal "spin". SEE BELOW FOR THE THEMES FOR THIS YEAR.

  1. This contest is open to all poets and/or storytellers over the age of 18 (Young Skald's can enter with parental consent, contact us for advice).
  2. The winner will be the holder of the Skaldic Poetry (or Storytelling) Chair of Suffolk for the following year, a title which will revoked after a year and day.
  3. The entry may be of poetry or story, but the judges will consider relevance to the theme, adherence to the time limit and performance from memory as important in making their decision.
  4. Contestants may ONLY enter EITHER the poetry OR the storytelling section in any given year (thus ensuring that the same person cannot win both awards at one time);
  5. Each entrant has a maximum time limit in which to perform (see above). Over-running will loose points, and may result in use of The Hook!
  6. The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  7. The organiser retains the right to change these rules as necessary by arrogant whim.
  8. The qualities sought for by the judges include:
  • Audibility
  • Originality of Poetry / Story
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Stage Presence
  • Narrative / poetic flow
  • Inventiveness of the tale / poetic skill
  • Relevance to the theme ('***see below***')

Prizes available:

  • Name pyrographed upon the Throne
  • The Crown
  • A lovely certificate!

The post is largely an honorary one. The purpose of the award is to honour the best wordsmiths in the community who choose to compete for the Throne. It is up to the recipient of the prize to assist in the elevation of the word and promote the Throne in a manner appropriate to the position. 

The Themes

Congratulations go to Beverley Price, winner of the 2016 Chief Poet Skaldic Chair. In keeping with the privileges of the Chief Skald, she has set the theme for the 2017 contest (October 7th). The theme for 2017 Poetry Section is ~ Life Changing Events.

Congratulations equally go to Rachel O'Leary, winner of the 2016 Chief Storyteller Skaldic Chair. In keeping with the privileges of the Chief Skald, she has set the theme for the 2017 contest. The theme for 2017 Storytelling Section is ~ The Wild Wood.